Today is Karen Bowen’s first day as Operations Manager of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park! (she has been learning the ropes for the last week and a bit) Many know Karen from last summer as she was a regular team member in the Bare Bistro or from the summer of 2016 when she worked in the office. Karen recently retired from the Toronto Transit Commission where she worked for over 17 years. She has excellent customer service and organizational skills which makes her perfect for her new role. But most importantly she is incredibly passionate about naturism and Bare Oaks. She was so taken byRead More →

We are pleased to announce Stephanie Lynn has joined us as the new operations manager. Aside from her pleasant disposition and recently acquired passion for naturism, Stephanie brings extensive experience in project management; policy development and implementation; and team collaboration. Adam has done a fabulous job bridging the gap and he will continue for a month or two during the transition. He has truly enjoyed his time in the role and we’ve received many compliments. But it was always clear that this was a temporary job as he has other plans for the fall.Read More →

As you may have noticed, LeeAnne has not been around the park for a while. That’s because she has been on leave for personal reasons since June 29th. As the length of her absence is undetermined, we have hired Adam Purdy to fill in while she is away. Today is his first day on the job. So please take it easy on him as he struggles to learn all of the processes and procedures! Adam has an extensive background in HR and business management. We are fortunate that he is available on such short notice. His previous experience will certainly be an asset to theRead More →

Managing Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is a substantial task. You have to look after members, visitors, staff, and all facets of operations. You need to know a little bit about everything because you are responsible for coordinating the implementation of it all. The manager deals with all the fields that we are involved in such as hospitality, retail, food-service, grounds-keeping, transportation, waterworks, sewage treatment, electrical distribution, telecommunications, etc…  It really is the proverbial jack of all trades and master of none! Nikki has done a fabulous job as manager since she took over. But those who know Nikki know that she is also aRead More →