Administration transition

Managing Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is a substantial task. You have to look after members, visitors, staff, and all facets of operations. You need to know a little bit about everything because you are responsible for coordinating the implementation of it all. The manager deals with all the fields that we are involved in such as hospitality, retail, food-service, grounds-keeping, transportation, waterworks, sewage treatment, electrical distribution, telecommunications, etc…  It really is the proverbial jack of all trades and master of none!

Nikki has done a fabulous job as manager since she took over. But those who know Nikki know that she is also a fabulous Yoga instructor. She is very empathetic and loves to help people. So last winter, Nikki decided that she does not enjoy the operational side of her job at Bare Oaks and would prefer to focus on Yoga and other forms of holistic wellness. But because she loves the park, she also offered to continue through the summer and train her replacement.

LeeAnne started with us in March and has been learning all aspects of the business of running a naturist park. She has been slowly transitioning into the manager position since her arrival. Nikki will continue working with her through the summer and early fall so the changeover should be relatively smooth. So far, LeeAnne has shown herself to be a quick learner who doesn’t shy away from responsibility. Her background working in a laboratory means that she has a solid understanding of process and procedure. She is definitely committed to the job having moved her whole family from Markdale, Ontario in order to take the position. We look forward seeing her grow into the job – in more ways than one since she and Andrew are expecting their third child!

Photo: LeeAnne at the steering wheel and Nikki holding the clipboard.