In case you haven’t heard yet, the volleyball tournament is on THIS WEEKEND! We have made a number of special adjustments to help keep everyone safe. For example, we will have a 1 meter ‘dead zone’ on either side of the net to keep players apart. That means that spiking and blocking will require some new skills! But ultimately, your safety depends on you; so keep your distance, wear a mask if you can’t, and wash your hands frequently. Government restrictions limit the number of players and spectators in the tournament to a maximum of 100 per day!  So arrive early to register!  Obviously, peopleRead More →

The June 26th to July 1st volleyball tournament is becoming a badminton tournament. Team sports are out under the circumstances. And, according to study commissioned by the Italian Olympic Committee and conducted by the Polytechnic of Turin, volleyball is the most dangerous sport in terms of risk of COVID-19 contagion. So we are adapting to single player sports and badminton seems like a fun alternative. We will organize play over 6 courts. We are also considering whether there are any safe, single player, and fun variations of volleyball that we can organize. The volleyball tournament special pricing is still in effect. It’s a great deal!!Read More →

Free Bare Oaks baseball cap for each player registered by June 1st. (That’s this Saturday) This year there is a $500 Cash Prize for the top 6×6 team!  And lots of other prizes for everyone else. Bring your own team and the organizer plays free! 7th Annual Greater Toronto Naturist Volleyball Tournaments (June 28 – July 1) Lee Baxandall Memorial Volleyball Tournament (Aug. 16 – 18) More →

There’s a lot of volleyball going on at Bare Oaks.  Last year was our first year to have regular casual volleyball games on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. Then our first tournament of the year was the 5th Annual Greater Toronto Naturist Volleyball Tournaments. That was followed by a mini-tournament held during the FCN Naturist Festival in August. Finally, we added a second tournament – the inaugural Lee Baxandall Memorial Volleyball Tournament championship. (August 26-28, 2011) This last tournament was created after a Southern-Ontario club decided to stop hosting their popular annual competition and another Toronto-area club that used to have a large championship wasRead More →

Indoor Naturist New Year’s Volleyball Tournament London, Ontario Saturday Jan 2nd RSVP: Location Spikes Indoor Beach Volleyball 120 Weston Street Click here to see a map. Details Signup and registration: 9am Game play: 10am-6pm All play is NUDE, unless your parent requested otherwise! Cost: about $15 per person with a $30 family rate depending how many show (we are just covering cost of rental & prizes) Spikes now has 4 beach volleyball courts. Levels A 4 on 4 B 4 on 4 Novice Plus 6 on 6 Novice 6 on 6 Click here to subscribe to the Volleyball Newsletter Hotel Recommendations by Chris:Read More →

(click on the image to enlarge) Our 3rd annual volleyball tournament was a great success! We more than doubled the number of teams and players over last year. Game play went from 11am to 4pm each weekday and from 10 am – 3pm on the weekend. The sand court and 3 grass courts were very busy all the time. We have determined that next year’s tournament will require at least one more court to keep up. The final count was: Wednesday’s King and Queen tournament: 38 players Thursday’s 4X4 tournament: 5 teams Friday’s Woman’s Breast Cancer tournament: 2 teams of 6 Friday’s Men’s Prostate CancerRead More →