The road to Beckett Circle is open

Things have dried up nicely this week so we have opened the roads. Please drive carefully. There are still soft spots. And the roads may have to be closed again if we get a bunch of rain.

Hot Tub

It is still running well and still hot with nobody using it. A Hydro One supervisor was here today. They are working on the stray voltage problem but everyone is stumped. We hope to have a Hydro One truck at the park on Monday to check voltages at the pole. In the meantime we all wait…  Feel free to ask for a tour if you want to see a beautiful working hot tub that you can’t touch.  …sigh…


I was asked if we are going to turn on the water in Beckett Circle. I think we’re getting fooled by the unseasonable weather. Right now, the average high is 3˚C and the average low is -8˚C. So the water is still going to have to wait a while!