The pool at Bare Oaks looking green and without anyone using it

When we started work on opening the pool in April, we found that it lost a significant amount of water overnight. Clearly, something broke over the winter. We spent several days trying to locate a leak but couldn’t find anything. We then scheduled a visit by a pool company but they could not find any visible leaks either. They suggested a specialized business that can find underground leaks. That company came and found that the leak is below the concrete deck. We are now waiting for the pool company to come and break up the concrete, replace the broken pipes, and repour the deck. Once that is done we can start the process of getting the pool ready and schedule an inspection by the York Region Health department. Once they approve us we can finally open the pool for the season.

We are very sorry for the delay. Unfortunately we still don’t have a firm date from the pool company. As you can imagine, this is a very busy time of year for pool work. We are likely still several weeks and thousands of dollars away from opening the pool.