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Nikki's New Blog and Website
A guide is a person who helps you in your journey to reach a destination and that’s exactly what Nikki’s blog is aiming to do for those also on a body acceptance journey welcoming you to her journey and possibly yours. Our bodies exist for us, not for the visual pleasure of others. Some may know Nikki from her yoga and meditation classes, as a past staff member, or even just a friendly face around Bare Oaks but you may not have caught her recent project, a body-positive blog The Guide to the Natural Self. “My goal with Guide to ...
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Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park temporary green tyvek keyband on a wrist and a hand holding the keyfob
We have finally received some (not all) of the new keyfobs and temporary keybands that we ordered over 5 months ago! As you may have heard, there is a computer chip shortage in the world and that affected this order. (For the technically-minded, we need NXP MIFARE Classic 4K chips.) What normally takes a few weeks took nearly half a year! Many people, including ourselves, were not very happy with the previous silicone bands. While they were nearly indestructible, they did not stretch enough for some people and others prefered keyfobs on their key ring. But we were limited to ...
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Clarification on New Government Regulation
There appears to be some confusion about our previous announcement regarding the new Ontario government regulation that takes effect on Wednesday, September 22nd. The proof of vaccination or medical exemption certificate requirement only applies to the indoor amenities of the clubhouse/main building. Since our initial announcement, the government has issued more details about where and how restrictions for unvaccinated people must be applied. The following activities and areas are NOT restricted: Access to the office and storeToilet near the officeToilets by the beach and in the camping areaEating at the Bare Bistro patioCampingCabin rentalsPoolBeachAll other outdoor areas Once again, we ...
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Ontario Sample Vaccine Certificate
Effective September 22 Ontario regulations will require that people show proof of vaccination or a medical exemption certificate before using the indoor facilities of the main building/clubhouse and restaurant. For details on this regulation, please see: Members who do not provide proof of vaccination or a medical exemption certificate will have clubhouse access removed from their keyband and/or keyfob until this government requirement is revoked. We understand that not everyone is in agreement with this new regulation. Please do not take out your frustration on our staff as they are simply implementing a legal requirement. Failure to follow this ...
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The First Time Experience Film
Title: The First Time ExperienceType: Short FilmRunning time: 17:26Language: EnglishRelease date: June 21, 2021Country: CanadaBudget: $300 (plus a lot of volunteer time)IMDB: Concept Several years ago, Hilary suggested to Stéphane that people need to see in advance what it would be like to visit Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park for the first time. Indeed, many had recounted the anxiety of their first experience. While to seasoned naturists it isn't a big deal at all, the enormity of the perceived anti-social aspect for first time visitors cannot be understated. Many worry about how that first trip might work out and ...
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