Our water is drinkable!

Until now, we could not say that our water was safe for drinking. That’s despite the fact that it was filtered, chlorinated, and tested daily for adequate chlorine & weekly for lack of pathogens. Since the Walkerton tragedy of E. Coli contamination in May 2000 that lead to 7 deaths and thousand of illnesses, the regulations for drinking water have become incredibly rigorous in Ontario. (some say excessively so)

But after several years of work and many thousands of dollars in expenses, we now meet the regulations! So rest assured that you can safely drink the water at Bare Oaks. Two wells supply water into our treatment and distribution equipment. The system is registered and inspected by the government and must meets very strict standards. The water is filtered, disinfected with UV light, chlorinated and tested daily for adequate chlorine. Further tests are conducted periodically, by an independent laboratory, to ensure the absence of a multitude of biological and chemical substances. The system was designed and certified by an engineer. Finally, it is operated and monitored by people who have been trained and accredited.

Photo by Maja_Larsson