The replacement heater that meets our needs is not in stock. It has to be manufactured in California. They estimate 4 weeks. That means the hot tub will not be available again until April.

As mentioned in our previous update, Jandy, the manufacturer of our current heating unit is no longer supporting what they consider to be an outdated model. (we purchased it new just 4 years ago) After a lot of searching, we had to accept that some of the replacement parts we needed we no longer available. We therefore had no other choice but to order a brand new replacement heater.

The hot tub heater rotted from the outside in. It wasn’t the pool or hot tub water that destroyed it. It was the elements. We were told it was an outdoor unit. Apparently that means:

1) Outside and running all the time in a climate like Florida; or

2) Outside and shut off during the winter in climates like Canada

Of course, that was never made clear to us when we purchased it. Apparently in the cold winter temperatures, whenever the unit would shut off after running for a bit, condensation would form on all the inside parts which is what caused the corrosion from the outside in. So the next unit will be installed inside a small insulated shed. It should then last for about 8 to 10 years instead of the 4 we got.

We apologize again for the inconvenience. The staff misses the hot tub as much as everyone else during this cold weather. Everyone is working as fast as they can to fix the problem.

Photo: Daniel Wakefield Pasley/Emiliano Granado

Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon