Water Park at the CHM Montalivet

Based on the success of the 2013 trip to France, we decided to do it again! But by popular request, we are now offering more flexibility. This year you have the option 1 or 2 weeks at the CHM Montalivet and an additional trip to Paris is also an option. Airfare is no longer included to allow for multiple departure points and to give you more flexibility. (e.g. some people want to use frequent flyer points to get there)

The trip is once again being organized by one of our members, Pauline from Nakations.ca.

The beach on the Atlantic Ocean in the CHM Montalivet near Bordeaux, France.

While the modern naturist movement is generally accepted to have started in Germany, it was France that perfected the large scale naturist resort. The combination of warm southern France, beaches on the ocean, and the French passion for vacationing naturally combined to create massive naturist resorts.

The oldest of these resorts is the Centre Helio Marin Montalivet – best known as the CHM Montalivet. With over 3,000 sites (tent, RV, cabins, and bungalows) and as many as 15,000 people per day, Montalivet is certainly one of the largest naturist resort in France. (you can listen to a podcast about Montalivet) The commercial centre in the middle of the resort has 22 shops and restaurants.

Karen and Stephane enjoying a morning coffee and fresh bread in one of the restaurants at the CHM Montalivet.

After World War 2, the naturist movement around Paris had quickly returned and was growing. Two of its leaders, Christiane et Albert Lecocq, realized that naturists needed a vacation destination. After a bit of searching, they ended up leasing some beachfront on the Atlantic near Bordeaux. Thus, the CHM Montalivet was founded in 1950.

Walking to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean at the CHM Montalivet

Montalivet was not just a place to relax. It was also a place to live a naturist life and develop the philosophy. To this day, discussions and lectures are an integral part of Montalivet. Some of the greatest thinkers in the French naturist movement have been members. In 1953, the French naturist federation (FFN)and the International Naturist Federation (INF)were created at Montalivet.

Now you have a chance to spend a week in the CHM Montalivet and experience European naturism!

    Paris, France

  • June 28 – July 5 (one week) or June 28 – July12 (two weeks) at the CHM Montalivet.
  • Optional 4 days/3 night in Paris, July 12 – 15
  • Optional excursions in both Bordeaux and Paris
  • Affordable! Discounted group pricing on accommodations. All costs included except for your meals which you can cost-effectively prepare yourself in your bungalow while at Montalivet.
  • Maximum of 50 people (capacity of the bus) which is as few as 25 couples and less if they have children. So book soon if you want to be included. First come, first served!

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