France is often regarded by naturists as the Mecca of naturism.  While the naturist movement is generally considered to have started in Germany, the largest resorts are now found in France. The French government has a division of the tourism ministry whose purpose is only to promote naturist tourism. The naturist district in Cap d’Agde was created by the French government in the 1970’s and now attracts over 40,000 people every summer. Millions of French citizens vacation every year in naturist resorts, clubs and beaches.

But as advanced as naturism is in France, it is also an example of how things can go wrong when commerce drives a movement’s growth. For example, Cap d’Agde has been widely criticised over the decades for its lack of standards.

This video was originally broadcast on French TV in August of 2011. It is an excellent overview of the current state of naturism in France – both good and bad. It also provides a warning for the naturist movement in our own country. If we do not defend naturist values, those who exploit naturism will destroy the philosophy on which our movement was created.

The original show was in French only.  This version has been enhanced with English subtitles.