clothes-free (nude) night at the theatre

Veritas Theatre and Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park are bringing you a clothes-free theatre night. Join us for this very special presentation of the play S h e e t s. by Salvatore Antonio. Purchase your tickets now because there are only 120 seats in the theatre.

S h e e t s. is an original play by Salvatore Antonio exploring the theme of intimacy in its many forms through the experiences of various inhabitants of a single hotel room. It play unfolds through a series of vignettes dovetailing and linking these seemingly random strangers in their private moments and vulnerability. In several of those moments, the characters ponder their true selves through intimacy and their nudity. On this very special evening, all links to a voyeur-exhibitionist relationship will be broken because the audience will also be nude. The actors’ nakedness will be normalized and the focus of the audience will be solely be on the play and its performance.

In order to create a true naturist experience, clothing will not be optional – nudity will be required of everyone in attendance.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Children are allowed but parents/guardians should be aware that the play contains mature themes that some would consider only appropriate for people 18+.

No photography will be allowed without the explicit permission of everyone involved.

Date: Saturday April 1 (Despite the connotations of the date, this is a real event)

Time: 8pm (arrive as early as 6:30pm for a clothes-free reception)

Location: The Theatre Centre (Mainstage) 1115 Queen St. W., Toronto

Towels: Everyone must sit on a towel. Bring your own or rent one for $1.

Clothes-check: There will be a service to store your clothing during the event.


Use the “Presale Access Code”: NATURISTNIGHT

$35 or $22 for seniors, students, and arts workers

Veritas Theatre



Naturism? Nudism? What’s the difference? See: