What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home/trailer/tent is generally not our concern. We try to be open-minded and tolerant of the various ways that people choose to live. But when people do things that negatively impact the experience of our visitors and members, we have to get involved.

Because they don’t know the reality, the general public assumes that our movement is about sexuality. We have been fighting that assumption for nearly a century. But it persists and it is a key misconception that keeps people away.

When a new visitor comes to Bare Oaks, it is with the expectation that it will be an opportunity to get away from the hyper-sexualization and objectification of mainstream society. Yet they often still maintain some apprehension which makes them very sensitive to any hints that what we claim is not true.

So it only takes one person to speak about their fetish around the campfire or a casual invitation in the hot tub to make a new person very uncomfortable. When they hear it from one person, they start to suspect everyone. Once suspicious, they question everyone’s motives and it becomes difficult for them to just relax and enjoy themselves.

It happened a few times last year and there are two couples who are not returning because of it. But the reality may be much higher because those are only the people we have heard about.

What is worse is when people spread false information about Bare Oaks as one deceitful individual did. They posted a recruitment ad on Craigslist. One of our members saw the ad, contacted them, and found out that they advanced some absurd propaganda. (you can read the email here) Certainly there are a few couples at the park who identify as “lifestylers”. But most of them are very respectful of our policies.

Our policy, as stated in the Member & Visitor Agreement that everyone gets, is that people:

  • will not partake in any overt sexual behaviour,
  • will not try to recruit or invite anyone for a sexual activity, and
  • will not promote – either internally or externally – any sexual activities at Bare Oaks.
  • will let us know immediately if they witness or experience any of the above.

So if you observe or experience anything that makes you uncomfortable, please report it to the office immediately. We need your help to maintain our authentic naturist environment.