New Bare Oaks reservation system on a laptop in the restaurant

Summary: Starting today we are transitioning to an all-new computer system for member accounts and reservations. There are important changes coming which are outlined below.

What is happening and why?

After years of struggling with our custom, internal property management system known affectionately as A.R.M.P.I.T. (Advanced Reservation Management, POS, and Inventory Tracker) we are finally transitioning to a cloud-based system that is used by many campgrounds in North America. It will provide a lot of new features for our members and visitors. But it will also streamline our systems and reduce the chance of errors. Most importantly, online reservations are finally here which gives people booking overnight accomodations more control and more information.

The system is scheduled to go live on March 25th. You will find it at:

Effective today, the transition is starting!


  1. To avoid confusion, we are not taking any reservations during the transition. (March 15-25)
  2. Existing reservations are being transferred to the new system.
  3. People with reservations during the transition period (March 15-25) can still visit.
  4. Drop-in overnight stays during the transition period are possible but can only be done in person on a first-come, first-served basis.

On-account charges:

  1. Existing on-account balances (both credits and amounts owing) will be transferred on March 25th.
  2. No on-account charges will be accepted during the transition period. (March 15-25)
  3. On-account payments will still be accepted via or in person.
  4. The new system will require a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) on file in order to make on-account payments or reservations. The credit card information will be kept securily in a PCI DSS compliant third party system. Payment by American Express, e-transfer, debit, and cash will still be possible but because it is a manual system, it will be a bit more complicated and with some restrictions.
  5. We will no longer send out monthly statements by email because on-account charges will automatically be charged to your credit card. Most people will appreciate this change because statements caused a lot of confusion and sometimes even anxiety.
  6. You be able to login to your account and see your transactions.


  1. Memberships and long term campsites will also be tracked in the new system.
  2. Electrical usage invoicing will be sent by email and automatically charged to the credit card on file.
  3. As always, all guests must register and pay at the office. But they will now be able to setup an account online and pre-register. That will speed up the registration process tremendously.
  4. Next year’s annual invoicing will also happen through the new system.

Changes in Procedure:

  1. Everyone will need to setup their account on the system
  2. Members and those who have visited in the last 4 years are already in the system with their email address. You just need to do the “Reset Password” process on the website.
  3. Most documents will now be done and stored electronically. (first time visitor form, membership applications, license of occupation, etc…) The office will have a tablet for people to use when visiting.
  4. The system only supports one person as the account holder. In the transfer, we are either using the person who made the reservation or the person identified as the primary account holder. If more than one primary is in our system, the primary was randomly assigned. We don’t like this but we have no choice at this point because that’s how the system is setup.
  5. Monthly internet plans and payment plans will continue to be processed through our SquareUp system.


I cannot reset my password, the system doesn’t seem to recognize my email. What do I do?
If you cannot reset your password, try another email address. We have used the email address of the primary account holder on file before we moved to the new system. If you are unsure what this is, please contact the office and we can provide you with this information.

How can I get the youth or association member discounts when making my reservation?
Once you have selected your dates and site options, the following page will allow you apply the special discounts. This will be verified in person when you arrive.

I created my reservation and made payment, but I never received a confirmation email?
Please check your junk mail folder first. If it is not there please contact the park office.

I don’t have a Visa or Mastercard. How else can I pay?
Cash, e-transfer, or American Express are possible. Please contact the office.

I don’t have an email. How do I setup an account to make a reservation?
Create an email account at or some other provider of free email addresses.

I share my email with someone else who doesn’t know I’m a naturist. What can I do?
Setup an email account at or some other provider of free email addresses.