For weeks people have been asking when they will be able to come and camp. Some very patient folks have been making reservations and resolutely moving them forward as we waited for the government to reopen short-term camping. Well that day has finally arrived!! The government is allowing us to enter stage 2 reopening which means that starting on Friday June 19th: Overnight camping is allowed The Bare Bistro patio is open The pool is open (assuming the York Region Health inspector comes in time to approve it) As we have announced previously, you can also book cabins, guest rooms, and visit for the day.Read More →

Have you been thinking you’d like a new deck, sunroom, or trailer?  Or are you just curious about what the options are?  Or do you just want to see a new trailer, sunroom, and deck? Come to site 218, get a tour, and ask all your questions this weekend: Saturday July 20 – 2pm to 5pm Sunday July 21 – 11am to 1pmRead More →

*** September 28 update*** Because only 6 campsite expressed interest, we will not be proceeding with this project. We would have needed a much larger number to get Shaw’s interest. Shaw Direct is offering members of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park who have a long-term campsite a great deal on satellite TV! But the offer will only go ahead if enough people sign up. Bare Oaks members with a long term campsite, please take the following survey to find out the details and let us know whether are interested or not. Survey: Please take this survey ONLY if you currently have a long-term campsiteRead More →

Most people know that we have not been assigning any long-term campsites since March 2015. Other than trailer sales, long-term sites that were relinquished became short-term campsites. As we explained in the March 21, 2015 blog post, the cause was an individual who managed to convince the Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) that he was protected by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). For the reasons explained in the blog post, this was very problematic to maintaining a naturist environment. Emboldened by this decision, two other members decided last fall to ignore our rules and turn their campsite into a permanent residence. They filed a claim withRead More →

Success is a wonderful thing but it can also create some challenges. As many people know, demand for camping space has exceeded supply for several years. For visitors we keep 25 serviced campsites open for short-term use. But for people who want to keep a trailer here on a long-term basis, there has essentially been no availability for years. This has led to people trying to find ways around our rules. At first, people started booking 8 week “vacations” or every weekend in July and August. So to keep things fair, we had to limit the amount of short-term booking time and institute a ruleRead More →

While most people are thinking about the upcoming holidays, we are already thinking about next summer! Projects for 2016 are in the planning stage and we have even begun hiring the summer team. Membership and campsite invoices were sent last week to all members. By now, most people should have received their invoice(s). If not, please contact the office.   Early Payment Discount Invoices are not due until April 1st. But if you pay by January 11th, you save 3%! That is the equivalent of an annual interest rate of 12%!! NEW: This year we are also giving that early payment discount to members whoRead More →

We are sorry to announce that, effective immediately, we will no longer be assigning long-term campsites. The waiting list has been discontinued. Any long-term site that is relinquished will become a short-term campsite. All projects that contribute to making campsites more usable for long-term stays have been stopped. Members with an existing long-term agreement will still be allowed to sell their trailer with the site if the new site-holders qualify for membership. But any potential purchaser will be subject to increased scrutiny. The reason for this is that an individual, with the assistance of a few members, has made long-term campsites unsustainable. How we gotRead More →

As explained in the July 4th blog post titled Campsite Policies, there is a process by which sites are assigned. It follows this order: Members with a serviced site can move to the open site Members with an unserviced site can move to one of the open serviced sites Members on the waiting list So far this year, we have managed to open 10 new serviced sites either through people giving up their site or by dividing large sites. Most of the people who have taken these new serviced sites were already on an unserviced campsite. But a few were from the top of theRead More →

The success and associated growth of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park have meant that for the last few years all of our year-round sites have been full. More than 65% of our members do not have a year-round site and many of them want one. We are sorry that we can’t accomodate everyone but expanding is both expensive and dependent on complex government regulations and approvals. We do keep 25 sites open for short-term camping. These sites could be filled with year-round campers tomorrow. But we keep them open to make sure that sites are available for the majority of members who do not haveRead More →

Last year, several people were disappointed to find out that there were no long-term campsites left at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. We’re happy to announce that there are a few opportunities in Beckett Circle for people looking for a year-round campsite. Here are your options: 1. Take an empty site We opened several sites this year by clearing some brush and adding access to electricity & water in some areas. In addition, we had a couple of people give up their site. During the busy season, it was hard to figure out where we stood because we were always booked with visitors and weRead More →