Lee Baxandall Memorial Volleyball Tournament

The 2015 Lee Baxandall Memorial Volleyball Tournament is August 14th to 16th.

New Lower Prices!!

Based on some research we conducted and the feedback we’ve received, the pricing structure has been completely revised. Instead of focusing on long-stay packages, we now charge by the day. This is to make it easier for new people who may not want to commit to more than one day as well as to encourage individuals who can’t attend all the days due to other commitments. Each day is now a separate tournament.

Because one of the objectives of the tournament is to encourage people to try naturism for the first time, the fees are now even lower. The cost of the tournament is less than our usual day fee. (and the day fee is included!) So if you want to visit Bare Oaks, it is definitely a better deal to play during the tournament. Remember, that everyone is welcome. If you don’t know how to play, someone will teach you and put you on a team.

Prices are better for members as well!  Everyone saves money if they play!!

And in keeping with the family-oriented nature of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, children (18 or under) play free!

It’s a great tournament!! A, B, C, and novice levels (No co-ed restrictions), professional OVA referees and a professional organizer. Bring a team or join a team. Everyone plays! We will also be altering the schedule to maximize playing time.

clothesfree (nude) stand up comedy

Plus much more! The Mary Janes of Comedy are back, community campfires, open mic, restaurant specials, and unlimited access to the pool, lake, sauna, hot tub & all the other amenities of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park!

Details at: http://www.bareoaks.ca/index.php/en/volleyball/baxandall-tournament.html

Volleyball photo by Michael Willems