In addition to the new cabins that were mentioned in an earlier blog, we have also improved our guestrooms. The rooms always featured a comfortable bed, linens, and a Keurig coffee maker with supplies. But they now also have a small fridge and HD Television. The television feature 10 local, over-the-air, HD channels. It seems that most people have forgotten that this is an option. If you are near urban areas, you do not need to pay $100/month to a cable or satellite company. A few decades ago, that’s how most people got their TV channels. Over-the-air TV is not only legally free, the qualityRead More →

Based on the success of the 2013 trip to France, we decided to do it again! But by popular request, we are now offering more flexibility. This year you have the option 1 or 2 weeks at the CHM Montalivet and an additional trip to Paris is also an option. Airfare is no longer included to allow for multiple departure points and to give you more flexibility. (e.g. some people want to use frequent flyer points to get there) The trip is once again being organized by one of our members, Pauline from While the modern naturist movement is generally accepted to have startedRead More →

Many people have expressed interest in the group trip to France. Since the interest appears to be there but the commitment hasn’t been made, we’ve extended the deadline to March 22nd. We have enough people for the trip to go ahead. But there are still a few spaces left. This will be the last extension as we need to commit to a final number for the accommodations. This is a very affordable vacation! 10 days in France visiting both the Bordeaux region and Paris during Bastille Day. Details at: Departures have been organized from the airports in Toronto and Montréal. However, you can join us fromRead More →

This year, Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is introducing a new event: a group trip to France! We have partnered with one of our members, Pauline from, to organize a fun and affordable naturist vacation to France. While the modern naturist movement is generally accepted to have started in Germany, it was France that perfected the large scale naturist resort. The combination of warm southern France, beaches on the ocean, and the French passion for vacationing naturally combined to create massive naturist resorts. The oldest of these resorts is the Centre Helio Marin Montalivet – best known as the CHM Montalivet. With over 3,000Read More →

Pauline, a Bare Oaks member, is also a registered travel agent. While most of her business caters to textiles, she has started a new division that specializes in naturist travel: She recently sent us the following note about her most recent deal:  is proud to announce that is has signed a contract with N Resort (an all inclusive, all au naturel resort) in Trelawny, Jamaica to provide the lowest rates in the Canadian marketplace. As part of this amazing association, will be hosting, what we hope will become, an Annual JAMAICANADIAN Celebration at N Resort from May 5 – 12, 2012.  DuringRead More →