Queen Room

In addition to the new cabins that were mentioned in an earlier blog, we have also improved our guestrooms.

The rooms always featured a comfortable bed, linens, and a Keurig coffee maker with supplies. But they now also have a small fridge and HD Television.

King Room

The television feature 10 local, over-the-air, HD channels. It seems that most people have forgotten that this is an option. If you are near urban areas, you do not need to pay $100/month to a cable or satellite company. A few decades ago, that’s how most people got their TV channels.

Over-the-air TV is not only legally free, the quality is often better than cable or satellite. That’s because those paid services have to compress the signals in order to squeeze those hundreds of channels into their signal. And because the signal is digital, the picture is either perfect or not there at all. You no longer get those fuzzy channels of yesteryear’s. The only downside is that you can’t get the specialty channels such as TSN or Discovery.

If you would like to know which channels are available in your area, try this tool on TVfool.com

Photos by Michael Willems and PAR