Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard is tasty in a salad but very destructive to Ontario’s native plants. It was brought over from Europe as a crop and has escaped into our environment where it is dominating and killing local species. We are having trouble controlling it at Bare Oaks.

We are currently closed to visitors. However, it is essential to control this plant now because it is easy to identify while it is flowering and it should be removed before it goes to seed. So as a special exception, volunteers are sought to come to the park as essential workers under the following conditions:

  • Singles or couples only from the same households
  • Call ahead to make sure there aren’t too many people
  • Volunteers agree collect at least one full garbage bag
  • Because they are volunteering, there is no charge for non-members
  • All volunteers must register at the office where they will get garbage bags and instructions
  • No socializing with others. Distancing of 2 meters or more at all times is required.

If you are removing Garlic Mustard from your own garden, it is important to destroy it completely. Either put it in the garbage or burn it. Composting will spread the seeds.

Learn more about Garlic Mustard here: