Yesterday, Corinne Masiero stripped nude to present the nominees for the best costume at France’s César film awards. The actress was protesting the lack of support for cinema during the pandemic. The audience reaction? Applause! Was she then rushed off the stage? No, the host simply asked her about the nominees. Ms. Masiero then calmly proceeded with her presentation without any attempt to cover up. The entire event was broadcast on television without any censorship. Today the news in France does not report any scandal. Why would there be? We’ve always seen France as a society that was quite tolerant of nudity. Unlike many otherRead More →

  Bare Oaks now has a video library that makes available some of the movies and videos that are in our collection. It is important to note that many videos are not consistent with naturist values. Many of them include content that is misleading, inaccurate, inappropriately titillating, sexist, objectifying, and exploitative. We have included them in the library because they offer context about how naturists were and are portrayed by mainstream society – sometimes with the cooperation of naturists themselves! The video server also gives access to the live local television channels that we capture with the antenna on our tower. These are the sameRead More →

We need people to participate as background for a music video being filmed at Bare Oaks on Friday. If you are interested, please send an email to We want some diversity in the people so please include in your email: – age – gender – the visible minority you identify with if any Brendan Canning (founding member of Broken Social Scene) will release his third solo album Home Wrecking Years on August 12 – his first since 2013’s You Gots 2 Chill. The album features fellow Broken Social Scene members Justin Peroff and Sam Goldberg, as well as Liam O’Neil (Kings Of Leon, The Stills). The first song onRead More →

The producers of the movie Act Naturally have announced the pre-release sale of the DVD version. So if you were there at the Fox Theatre on June 26th or saw the screening during the 2011 Naturist Festival, you can now have your own copy! (plus bonus material) If you missed both screenings, then this is your chance to finally see it! Please support independent naturist film by purchasing your own copy of this movie instead of duplicating it or downloading it.Read More →

Over the last week, several members have approached staff with disturbing rumours about the film that was shot at Bare Oaks on August 15th to 17th. We really appreciate those members who took the time to find out the facts by asking us directly. To spread such rumours without even trying to check the facts would be malicious. But in case anyone has heard the stories but hasn’t had a chance to ask us yet, here are the facts: Not porn This is the most surprising part of the rumour.  Given our clear position against pornography, it is dumbfounding that anyone would believe that we wouldRead More →

The movie stars are coming! Josh McVaney (Trevor Wilson) and Katie Hall (Leah Collins) will be at the Toronto screening. As previously announced, J.P.Riley, the director, will be there. Maya Kuper, the sound designer, will also be there. Hollywood is coming to Toronto for the International Premiere of Act Naturally!  At this point, no other screenings are planned outside of the United States. Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011 Time: 5:00 p.m. EDT (clothing-free) & 7:00 p.m. EDT (clothing-optional) Place: Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen Street East, Toronto More info: The deadline for advance tickets sales has been extended to June 24th. Time is runningRead More →

(Click here to download the Toronto movie poster) Attend an advance screening, clothes-free, of the movie Act Naturally in Toronto on Sunday June 26, 2011. Finally, a Hollywood movie about naturism that doesn’t exploit naturists!  This indie film was produced over the last few years as their limited budget allowed. Previews such as this one are being organized around North America as fundraisers to help the producers to fund the final step of getting the film into theatre distribution. Date: Sunday June 26, 2011 Time:  Two options: 5pm – Clothing-FREE  7pm – Clothing-optional Attendees for the 5pm show can stay free for the 7pm showRead More →

A film production company looking for extras to appear in a shower scene. It is for a feature film, directed by Sarah Polley, that is being filmed in Toronto. They are looking for WOMEN to be background extras in a locker room scene where some of the cast are talking after a workout. The main character in the scene will either be showering or changing after a work out. There are other female cast members that will also be nude in this scene. There is no sexual contact of any kind. People interested in the job must be comfortable with full nudity. They want WOMENRead More →